Due to high volumes and safety measures, it may take us a little longer to process your repair order. Please allow a few weeks for your watch to be serviced after its received. Thank you for your patience.

How it works

  1. Tell us about your watch.
  2. Tell us what you think is wrong with your watch.
  3. Review the estimated repair cost of your watch.
  4. Get a shipping label.
  5. Send your watch to us for repair.

Purchase Location

Proof of purchase is required for all warranty items.



Check all that apply.

1. Nixon offers a premium battery service that includes a battery replacement, a gasket check and lubrication, case back re-seal, and a pressure test to ensure water resistance of the watch seal.

Having Trouble Categorizing Your Issue?


1. BUCKLE Keep it tight
2. LOOPER Relax. These are often easy to replace so give us a buzz before you send your watch in
3. BAND Keeps your watch on your wrist
4. PIN The pin holds it all together


5. DIAL If there's damage to the dial, you have no idea what time it is right now
6. CROWN Don't disrespect the crown. Control the hands of your watch.


7. CRYSTAL Protects the dial of your watch from the cruel world
8. PUSHERS Makes stuff happen
9. BEZEL The cool looking thing around the crystal
10. CASE Holds the meat and potatoes of your Nixon watch

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